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If you are interested in setting up an aquarium, or a fishroom - shrimp make a great addition to the hobby. Shrimp can make great pets, and breed very easily when given the right conditions. Shrimp are very prolific in a species only tank, and can look especially gorgeous in a planted tank. Shrimp can also make great additions to a community tank, but special care must be taken to ensure the safety of both the shrimp and the fish.


Shrimp Stocks is a Canadian business that specializes in breeding freshwater aquarium shrimp. We breed everything here in Canada. All species advertised in our online store are captive bred, because we strongly believe that captive breeding will allow people to save money and enjoy this hobby, without putting fragile ecosytems at risk. Be sure to check out our different projects, which contain useful information on how to set up shrimp tanks, and how to breed shrimp.

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Currently we only ship within Canada. For more information on our shipping policy and shipping rates click below.

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